Mini Golf Tips- Tricks to Improve Your Game

Do you enjoy playing mini golf as a competitive sport or having fun with friends and family? We have seen it all at Golf N Gator, so we have created some mini-golf tips and tricks to give you the upper hand next time you play! Anyone can play mini-golf and have a good time, but when you play and know these tips, you will view the game a little differently. The most important thing to remember is to have fun when it comes to mini golf! Every course is different, and when you learn our tips and tricks, you will be able to play your best game on any course. 

Take a Peek At The Course 

Knowing where you are playing can help you plan out your shots beforehand and develop a strategy for your game. Mini golf is all about less is more. You do not want to be the one hitting the ball eight times to get it into the whole. So, take time in advance to map out your game. There is nothing wrong with being in the know and having the inside scoop about the course. Winning mini golf is supposed to be fun! 

Angle Each Shot 

Always aim for the center of the hole. It may seem like a prominent piece of advice, but if you eye the ball up with the center hole and forget about trying to make it more difficult than it is, you will have a better shot. Mini golf is all about putts, don’t overthink it! 

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Choosing Your Club 

You always want to give yourself a chance to make the best shot. When faced with a tricky putt, you want to believe that your club will go the distance and get you to the hole. You can even bring your club! That way, you are familiar with it and its characteristics to bring a sense of confidence to your game. 

Before each shot, visualize your ball going straight into the hole. This can help you stay focused and increase the chance of making the shot. Keep your head down when you are putting and try not to look at your ball until it has reached the hole. Knowing this tip should help you make more shots! 

Focus On the Game 

Clear your head and concentrate on playing mini golf! If you are thinking about negative things in life, you will bring that energy into your game, throwing you completely off. Always try to be at your best and focus on playing mini golf when you are on the course. You will thank us later! 

Throw Off your Opponents 

Think of ways to get their attention to throw off their focus while it is their turn to put the ball. You could 

  • sneeze
  • pocket dial them 
  • strike up a conversation
  • But most importantly, never show your frustration with the game 

Always be at your best to ensure they think they have the upper hand, but you are doing fine. Please keep all your focus on the game. Do not give opponents a chance to throw you off your game. Mini golf can be a frustrating game if you allow it, but the best players know how to stay calm, control, and enjoy themselves. 

Have Proper Form 

One of our number one mini-golf tips is that it is about having the least number of strokes and creating a strategy to play with finesse rather than a powerful put. It is not all about skill and how hard you can hit a golf ball. It is about smaller and lighter putts. Mini golf is not just about getting the ball into the hole. And it is about consistency. When you find your form, you want to keep it. Holding the club, the same way and putting the same at each hole is what it takes to be good at mini golf. 

It would be best to have your feet shoulder-width apart with your legs slightly bent. Face your dominant hand away from the hole and stay patient! There are no time limits in mini golf. Take your time, do it right and have fun! There will be families around you playing at their speed, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Enjoy your game and focus on how you want to play. 

mini golf tips

Get A Grip 

Grip the club firmly but not tight. You want to make sure you have an excellent grip to swing through without losing control of your shot. If you are holding your club too loosely, it might fly out of your hand and into our pond. No one wants to fish it out of the gators, so please hold onto your clubs! 

Ensuring you do not lose your club is also very important for everyone’s safety. You never want to swing too high, risk hitting someone, or lose your grip. Make sure you do not hit the ball too hard, either. Being cautious of your surroundings while you play is very important. 

Swing Straight 

There is no shame in taking a practice swing! The practice can help you get a feel for your club and an eye for the hole. Make sure you keep your head down and follow through with your swing. Hit the ball with a smooth motion, and don’t be afraid to put a little effort into it. 

When you hit the ball, aim for a straight line. Don’t try to curve the ball. Curving the ball creates extra friction and puts a spin on it. The curve will slow down the ball and possibly have it fly off the course and become a snack for the gators. Mini golf tips such as these are the ones to keep to yourself because, depending on the course, players think curving the ball will help, but it doesn’t! 

Follow Through 

Making sure you follow through with your swing will ensure the ball goes in the right direction. Please keep your eyes on the ball until it reaches the hole and stays focused on making sure you hit the ball correctly. 

Own The Game 

Stay calm and in control at all times. Mini golf is a family fun game, and you should not let it get the best of you. If you get upset over missing a shot, it only gives your opponents an advantage. Play it cool and enjoy yourself! Let your opponent’s think you are confident and have it all together even if you had a few foul shots or are losing because as soon as you let your guard down, they will be all over that. Remember, it is just a game, and you are supposed to be having fun! 

We All Make Mistakes 

If you miss a shot, move on. There will be others. Thinking about your mistakes the entire game will only make you feel worse. Your mistakes will take away the fun of the game and ruin it for not only you but the others involved. Everyone is going to miss a hole or two. 

Mini golf is a fun and challenging game for everyone. And it is a great way to spend time outdoors with people you love. You can become a pro with a bit of practice and mini-golf tips! 

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