What Treasures Can I Find While Gemstone Panning?

What treasures can I find while gemstone panning? That is a question that many people ask. Anything and everything! You could find gold, silver, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and more! It all depends on where you go and what you are looking for. At Golf N Gator, we offer gemstone panning experiences that will let you find your treasures. Reach out today and see what amazing things you can find!

Golf N Gator offers a few experiences like gemstone panning that allows families to find treasures and spend time together. This is a different way to explore and have a good time. What do you say? Get your hands dirty today on a new adventure! Our mining company has created something you can enjoy outside, with some fresh air while looking for new and old treasure pieces. Who knows what you will find, but we know you will love the experience!

The World of Gemstone Panning

When you come to dig at Golf N Gator, we have all kinds of treasures for you to dig up from below. Come with friends and family of all ages and participate in a challenging dig to see who can find the best stuff! Some of our most incredible treasures start with:

  • Arrowheads
  • Fossils
  • Stones
  • Shark teeth
  • Gems
  • And more!

After your dig you can compare your findings and see who found the coolest stuff. Maybe everyone will find something different to share. There is no telling what is in the dirt until you dig it up!

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Pick your Hunt

  • Fossil Find
  • Emerald Strike
  • Paydirt

You can do one or even do all three if you feel lucky! Empty your bag between digs and see what the explorer inside you can find. There is no telling what you will get to bring home until you dig for it! Treasure hunts get exciting and fast. Take in the experience and enjoy it because it will go by fast. No matter what age, it is something to be remembered.

Every hunt has something different to offer, and it is worth trying more than one, especially if your family and friends are enjoying themselves. You will come out with treasure no matter what hunt you do, so give them all a try!

Bag Options for your Treasure Hunt

  • Prospectors Bag – You will see gemstones everywhere, and what you find, you get to keep!
  • PayDirt Bag – Find your gems hidden in the ground. The precious gemstones you find you get to bring home with you. You’ll feel like a true adventurer digging for your treasure.
  • Fossil Find Bag – Discover fossils that have been hidden for millions of years, waiting to be found by you. What will you uncover in this exploration!
  • Arrowhead Bag – The relics of a long-lost civilization have been waiting for you to uncover them! You are sure to take home the untold treasures of this exploration.
  • The Motherlode Bag* – You will find everything in the ground on your gemstone panning experience with the motherlode bag. You can share this with friends and family or have your own! This bag is loaded with goods, including a little bit of each adventure!

Every bag is created for a specific treasure hunt allowing everyone the options to find just what they are looking for! Not everyone has to do the same hunt either, so you can keep it exciting and see what you can find in different bags. Gemstone panning and treasure hunts are all about the things you find and how you find them. Have a good time and enjoy the dig!

An Explorer in the Making

Discovering the unknown is exciting! The anticipation will make you want to keep digging until you find something sparkly. The hunt begins as soon as you choose the bag that best fits your needs, and then let the gemstone panning begin! Let yourself run with the hunt and have fun with the experience. Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned gemstone panning champ, every time is different.

Some of the best moments are when kids are running around showing their parents what they have found. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. The excitement on both parties’ faces cannot be recreated! We are sure that you and your family will find many various treasures at the Golf N Gator Mining experience, and everyone will go home with something special.

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Mining is for Everyone!

Mining is not only fun and exciting, but you will learn a little something too! You and your family can become more knowledgeable about natural crystals and the science of geology. It is an experience filled with facts to discover and treasures to uncover! Golf N Gator has everything well laid out with signs and descriptions for your findings. If you notice your kids digging in the dirt and bringing home rocks and other treasures, let them try our mining experience today!

Mining is not just for kids! Get your hands dirty and become an explorer too. Golf N Gator has this mining experience for all ages to enjoy and wants you to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with us!

Ready to Dig? Get in Touch with Golf N Gator Today

First time mining? Come to Golf N Gator for an experience you’ll never forget. This is a family fun activity, and everyone will go home with treasure! Gemstone panning is an actual treasure hunt and makes you appreciate your findings. At Golf N Gator, we ensure our customers’ needs are taken care of, and they enjoy themselves while visiting. From a round of mini-golf. To our mining experience, please take the time to try it all!

If you find yourself with questions, our staff will be glad to answer them and guide you in the direction you need. Let us make your experience at Golf N Gator a great one! You can give us a call at (321) 799-4545 or book your next visit online by contacting us! We hope you join us on an adventure soon!

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