Wildly Fun Birthday Party Ideas From Golf N Gator

Looking for a birthday party idea that is fun, unique, and will have your guests talking for years to come? Look no further than Golf N Gator! Our wildly fun birthday party packages will please everyone from kids to adults. We offer several different options so you can customize the perfect party for your needs. We provide everything you need for a memorable birthday bash, from our world-class golf course to exciting alligator exhibits! Get in touch with us today to book your party, celebration, or event.

Party Packages

Golf N Gator is the perfect place for any celebration. We have a collection of events for you to enjoy! Our facilities and activities can make your day a special day. We can entertain anyone from kids to adults with our party packages! You are welcome to add on an educational reptile show with Safari Todd If it is something that interests your party!

Our party packages fill every need. No matter what special event you are celebrating, you should celebrate with us! We are sure it will be a day filled with fun, laughter, photos, and many memories. You can check out everything we offer for parties and get in touch with us about your special day! Our party packages include mini-golf, reptile interactions, and a private party room just for your guests!

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Golf N Gator supports events for all ages and wants to celebrate with you through it all. Our party room is spacious, and with our outdoor activities, you will find yourself up and about throughout the day! We have enough to keep you busy and active. The party room is indoors and a lovely space to sit and relax between running around and enjoying everything Golf N Gator has to offer.

birthday party ideas

Food and Supplies

Golf N Gator has the space for your party and activities, and we have our snack bar for your enjoyment. But when it comes to decorations, paper products, and other party foods that the parents or guardians supply. When you book your party, please let us know if you would like us to supply meals or drinks for an additional charge. Having different treats for your guest to choose from makes it more interesting. You never know what everyone will like, so the more you have, the better off you will be.

Bringing in foods allows you to have your child’s favorites. You can get creative and think outside the box regarding party foods. It can be the fun part! Sometimes the best foods are the ones you make from home or get from your favorite pizza shop. Our snack bar is always available as an add-on to your party treats! Giving your guests a nice variety of choices is always lovely, too, because then they have a lot to choose from, and depending on the time of day, they may be able to have some snacks, then lunch or dinner, and be set for the day of fun you have planned!

If you want to have a specific theme or stick to one or two colors, our party room is perfect for adding your personal touch! People usually bring decorations anyway, so we do not leave them up or have them around for special events. It is common for people to have an idea for their celebrations, so we want them to bring their personal touch to the party!

Todd’s Safari Show

A fun addition to your party could be an up-close experience with Safari Todd and his friends. He has over 20 years of experience with large animal training. Todd has worked at various zoos, parks, and private organizations throughout Florida with a focus in educational programs.

You can add one of his Educational shows at your party for $75 with live animals and entertainment! Take in all the information you can, and maybe he will let you hold a gator if you listen and behave during his lesson. Interaction and knowledge are something to consider. You will learn about the animals and better understand Todd’s experiences. Golf N Gator offers this to allow the party-goers to get to know reptiles and gators if they so choose. It can be the hit of your party if you want it to be!

birthday party ideas

A Party to Remember at Golf N Gator

Where else can you party with gators and play mini-golf? Golf N Gator has a lot to offer regarding planning, activities, and good times with our staff. We want you to enjoy yourself and make it a day to remember. Any celebration is a big deal, so Golf N Gator is the perfect place to be. All our activities can be exciting and family-friendly. You may see a side of yourself you haven’t seen in a while once you get on the mini-golf course or hold some of the reptiles with Safari Todd. Celebrations will do that to us, make us happy and excited for what is to come!

You only graduate and move on once, and your kids only turn a certain age once, and so on. It might also make each celebration something special, and a day everyone can remember. Golf N Gator is the perfect place to celebrate with all the different activities and fun for all ages we can offer! You will be shocked at how much fun it can be celebrating with alligators, reptiles, mini-golf, snacks, and more! Everyone has a blast at Golf N Gator, no matter what the event. We love to take pictures, make new friends and have our customers feel welcome every time they spend time with us for a celebration.

Our gators are nice, and the staff is great to be around. We want you to have a birthday party you will remember and enjoy every moment! Let us create a space for you to have fun and spend time with friends and family.

Contact Us with Birthday Party Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate a special event, Golf N Gator has some options! Our party packages have something for everyone to enjoy, and we want you to get in on the fun. We know there are tons of birthday party ideas, but let us show you what our activities are all about! A day of fun can be created with just simple party planning, and you can make a reservation with Golf N Gator today.

Take this time to celebrate and explore what Golf N Gator offers. You will be surprised how much fun it is to let loose and be yourself with friends or family. And if your birthday is coming up, you can plan to have your party with us too! Everyone who comes to Golf N Gator can find something they enjoy with all the different activities you experience throughout the day. Come to us for your special day and share the fun with everyone around you. It can be an exciting experience if you allow it to be.

Start your day off with mini golf, have a nice lunch, and then meet some reptiles to end the afternoon. There is more to do at Golf N Gator, so please ask us about other activities for your special day! We want you to feel comfortable celebrating with us and spending time at our location. Contact us today, and we can set up the perfect date for your birthday party, graduation, or special event!