Ever Played Mini Golf With an Alligator on the Golf Course?

If you have not, then you’re in for a treat! At Golf N Gator in Cape Canaveral, Fl, you can experience alligators all around the course! We will be talking about an all-new mini-golf experience that is sure to excite and entertain you. Come along with us as we closely examine what this unique attraction offers. You won’t miss out on a fun day with friends and family! Contact us today to try out our mini-golf course and other fun attractions we have to offer.

Mini Golf with Alligators on the Golf Course?

Nowhere other than Florida will you find Alligators on the golf course when you are playing a round of mini-golf. The gators are not at your feet, it is a safety issue! All alligators are kept in the water around our golf course for an alligator experience. The gators will not be playing mini-golf with you. They supervise and keep you company while you put the ball around the course.

What You Can Do With The Gators!

Golf N Gator has a lot of family fun activities to offer, and our gator experience is just part of your exciting day! Not everyone can say they got the chance to hold and or feed an alligator, but today is your day. We have an excellent staff of educated handlers, ready to make the experience one you will remember forever!

Hold a Gator

Please pick up a gator and hold them in your hands with one of our handlers! This is an up-close and personal experience for both you and our gators. If you are unsure about this experience, we can tell you it is one you will be glad you did!

Snap a Photo

While at the moment, you might as well snap a photo of this beautiful memory. Who knows when you will have the chance to hold a baby alligator again! You will want to remember the excitement or terror of the time you held a baby alligator.

Feed the adults

Do you want to interact with the adult alligators? We have many waiting in the swamp to be fed. They cant wait to meet you and bond over food!

Mini Golf with Them

See, they cannot be on the course with you. However, they can travel alongside and watch you make a hole in one! Enjoy the game and the company of gators around you here at Golf N Gator in Cape Canaveral, Fl!

A Gators Life At Golf N Gator

Our gators spend their time lurking in the water or sunbathing just as any alligator in the wild would. There are plenty of opportunities for you to take photos and feed them if you wish. Our staff is well trained and loves being around our wildlife family. All animals are well taken care of and have a great living space.

Extended Wildlife Creatures

Aside from gators, we also house birds, lizards, snakes, and a tortoise! You can meet all of our wildlife friends by stopping by for an educational show or a hands-on experience. To learn about all these creatures in more detail, visit us at Golf N Gator for a fun-filled day!

All in One Adventures, Here with Golf N Gator

Most families come for the mini-golf but leave with a mining experience, a photo with an alligator, and a thrilling go-kart race to remember until next time. Yes, you can do it all in one day. While playing mini-golf, you will see alligators on the golf course to your right in the water and sunbathing! Along with some fish as well. Our course is made to be simple but fun for all ages.

After a tasty lunch at our snack bar, you can hold a baby alligator and capture the memories for a lifetime! And it is not just alligators you can hold. Talk to our specialist about all the wildlife at your fingertips. Next, most families turn gem mining into a contest to see who can find the best stuff! This is great for all ages, and we know everyone will enjoy themselves. Just let loose and let your inner child dig.

Finish off your day with a go-kart race around our track. You will be so glad you did because it is one of a kind! The track is perfect for all ages, and our karts are safe for everyone. Everything we offer is so much fun! Golf N Gator will have you wanting to visit over and over again!

Start Your Experience Now!

Come out today and experience Golf N Gator for all we have to offer. Whether you want to hold wildlife, play a round of mini-golf, or race your family and friends in go-karts! Make it a day to remember for everyone who enjoys joining your eventful day. Our staff will help make it a wonderful experience for all ages and help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us at (321) 799-4545 or stop in to experience the time of your life! Everything we do here is for our customers, and we want them to enjoy every second they are here. Our family fun activities are here for all ages to enjoy, and we hope everyone comes and goes with a smile! It is important to us that every experience is a positive one.