Why Mini Golf Makes The Best Date Night

Looking for a fun, unique date night idea? Look no further than mini golf at Golf N Gator! This activity is perfect for couples of all ages. It’s affordable, can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels, and is a great way to spend time together. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to plan the perfect date night at Golf N Gator with your loved one!

Get to Know Each Other

Mini golf is a great way to get to know each other and talk about things you might not normally discuss on an average date. It’s low-key enough that it won’t be too intimidating for those who are new to mini golf, yet still exciting enough to keep everyone engaged. At Golf N Gator, we also have a wide variety of exotic animals around our courses, so you and your partner can learn about the different species, such as alligators and turtles. These make for  great conversation starters and unforgettable experiences!

Friendly Competition

Does your partner have a competitive side? How about putting some friendly wagers on a game? Or, if you want to keep it light-hearted, you can use mini golf as an opportunity to get creative and come up with funny challenges for each hole. For example, whoever gets the nearest to the hole on a certain putt has to tell a joke or do an embarrassing dance! Mini golf can be as competitive or relaxed as you and your date would like it to be.

Beautiful Scenery

Golf N Gator offers two 18 hole courses that weave through tropical landscaping with streams, waterfalls and other vibrant views that make it the perfect spot to cuddle up with your date. Whether you’re an amateur golfer or just looking for fun, this course is sure to provide plenty of laughs and great memories. 

Photo Ops

Mini golf is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and capture some fun selfies with your date. Take a break for a bit between holes and snap some photos that you’ll both remember fondly for years to come. At Golf N Gator we have a wild variety of wild life that’s perfectly photo-ready, like a friendly alligator or two.


Take a break from the course and head over to Golf N Gator’s Mining Station. We have a wide selection of gems, fossils, and crystals that are perfect for memorable first date keepsakes! Sift through the dirt and keep what you find!

Adventure Awaits

Golf N Gator is the perfect place to have an active, yet relaxed and enjoyable date night experience. Take your time playing the course and make sure you take full advantage of our many obstacles like tunnels, water falls, caves and more! Call us today at (321) 799-4545 and let’s play golf!