A Treasure Hunting Experience You Can’t Pass Up!

You can take in some fresh air and sunshine while enjoyinga challenging and exciting treasure hunt.

A Mining Experience You Can’t Pass Up!

Look no further than the Golf N Gator Mining Company! Enjoy a challenging and exciting treasure hunt.
Begin Your Treasure Hunt!
What Will You Find at Golf N Gator?

Look around you; there are treasures everywhere! Utilize your treasure-hunting skills to discover hidden precious gems and unique fossils. What do you think you will find? Visiting Golf N Gator Mining Company is a must.

Your findings may include:

  • Arrowheads
  • Fossils
  • Stones
  • Shark teeth
  • Gems
  • And more!

You never know what you might find. It is a thrill to treasure hunt with family and friends. 

Golf N’ Gator Mining Co. offers you two options for treasure hunts:

  1. Fossil Find
  2. Paydirt

You can do one or even try all three! Get your bags emptied, start discovering, and live the experience of a true treasure-hunting explorer. Let’s see what you will walk away with.

Check Out Our Different Treasure Hunting Bags!
Gemstone Panning and More, Right in Cocoa Beach
Prospector's Bag


Gemstones are everywhere, and it’s your mission to find them. Feel like a real prospector on treasure hunting! Keep everything you find when you’re panning, and take your gemstone treasure home with you. Includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Paydirt Bag


Find gems hidden in the ground! Search through our Paydirt bag to discover all different kinds of precious gemstones that you can take home! You’ll feel like a true treasure hunting adventurer at Golf N Gator. Includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Fossil Find Bag


Discover the secrets of an ancient world when you go searching for fossils that have been hidden away for millions of years! What kind of fascinating finds will you uncover on this exploration? Includes a 3 lb fossil bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Arrowhead Bag


Ready for to feel like a treasure hunting explorer stumbling upon a whole new world? Relics of a long-lost civilization are just waiting for you to reveal them. You’re certain to take home treasures untold! Includes a 3 lb arrowhead bag with 7 arrowheads and a keeper’s bag!

The Motherlode


You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with the massive Mother Lode mining bag. Share this with friends and family or search through on your own! You’ll find everything in the ground right at your fingertips. Yes, it’s loaded with goods – including finds from the other bags like arrowheads and fossils. Includes a 10 lb mining bag with gemstones, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and a large Amethyst Druze specimen.

You Are a True Treasure Hunting Prospector!

Discovering your gems and fossils is very exciting. You never know what you may find. It could be something sparkly, or maybe something ancient!

The hunt begins as soon as you choose the bag that best fits your taste. We have many bag options, including:

  • Prospector’s Bag; includes a 3lb Gemstone Bag with a postcard and a Keeper’s Bag.
  • Paydirt Bag; includes a 3lb Gemstone Bag with a postcard and a Keeper’s Bag.
  • Fossil-Find Bag; includes a 3lb Fossil Bag with a postcard and a Keeper’s Bag.
  • Arrowhead Bag; includes a 3lb Arrowhead Bag with seven arrowheads and a Keeper’s Bag.
  • The Motherlode; includes a 10lb Mining Bag with gemstones, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and a large amethyst druze specimen.
  • The Megastrike – includes 20lb Mining Bag.

All of these bags are available for you to purchase and begin your hunt. Each bag is created for a specific treasure hunt, giving everyone a variety of options.

Kids love discovering different items and running to show their parents. These moments are precious and are sure to last a lifetime. We are sure that you will find many various treasures, the Golf N’ Gator Mining experience will not disappoint.

How it Works!

First you will pour the bag of dirt filled with findings into the pan. Next, you will run the water through the pan. Now you are ready to collect findings and put them in the Golf N Gator Mining Co. keeper bag! The bags come with a post card that showcases findings, so you can learn what each item is.

Family Fun Experience

Besides golfing with the family, children and parents can enjoy the adventures available at the Golf N’ Gator Mining Company. The treasure hunting itself is a joyous activity you cannot pass upon. The thrill on children’s faces when they discover different treasures is priceless! They feel like true explorers and will find all of their findings incredible.

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you discover and present the world of geology as they find fossils, gemstones, and more. Florida is known for family-friendly entertainment, and Golf N’ Gator offers the diversity you need to make your trip a memorable one.

Fossils, stones, gems, and more!

Find Your Treasures with Us!

Golf N Gator

Where can you find mini golf, gators, gem mining, and more all in one place? Feed an alligator, watch a reptile show, golf 18 holes, and meet our friendly celebrity gator all at Golf N Gator! We’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable day with friends and family.

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