A Treasure Hunting Experience
You Can’t Pass Up!

You can take in some fresh air and sunshine while enjoying
a challenging and exciting treasure hunt.

A Mining Experience You Can’t Pass Up!

Look no further than the Golf N Gator Mining Company! Enjoy a challenging and exciting treasure hunt.
Begin Your Treasure Hunt!
What Will You Find at Golf N Gator?

Look around you; there are treasures everywhere! Utilize your treasure-hunting skills to discover hidden precious gems and unique fossils. What do you think you will find? You may end up with so much. Visiting Golf N Gator’s mining company is a must.

Your findings may include:

  • Arrowheads
  • Fossils
  • Stones
  • Shark teeth
  • Gems
  • And more!

You never know what you might dig up and, it is a thrill, to treasure hunting with family and friends. Make it a bit competitive, and see who finds the most incredible stuff!

Golf N’ Gator offers you two options for treasure hunts:

  1. Fossil Find
  2. Paydirt

You can do one or even try all three! Get your bags emptied, start digging, and live the experience of a true treasure-hunting explorer. Let us see what you will walk away with.

Check Out Our Different Treasure Hunting Bags!
Gemstone Panning and More, Right in Cocoa Beach
Prospector's Bag


Gemstones are everywhere, and it’s your mission to find them. Feel like a real prospector on treasure hunting! Keep everything you find when you’re panning, and take your gemstone treasure home with you. Includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Paydirt Bag


Find gems hidden in the ground! Search through our Paydirt bag to discover all different kinds of precious gemstones that you can take home! You’ll feel like a true treasure hunting adventurer at Golf N Gator. Includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Fossil Find Bag


Discover the secrets of an ancient world when you go searching for fossils that have been hidden away for millions of years! What kind of fascinating finds will you uncover on this exploration? Includes a 3 lb fossil bag with a postcard and keeper’s bag!

Arrowhead Bag


Ready for to feel like a treasure hunting explorer stumbling upon a whole new world? Relics of a long-lost civilization are just waiting for you to reveal them. You’re certain to take home treasures untold! Includes a 3 lb arrowhead bag with 7 arrowheads and a keeper’s bag!

The Motherlode


You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with the massive Mother Lode mining bag. Share this with friends and family or search through on your own! You’ll find everything in the ground right at your fingertips. Yes, it’s loaded with goods – including finds from the other bags like arrowheads and fossils. Includes a 10 lb mining bag with gemstones, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and a large Amethyst Druze specimen.

You Are a True Treasure Hunting Prospector!

Discovering your gems and fossils is very exciting. You will anticipate what you may dig up, maybe something sparkly and maybe something ancient!

The hunt begins as soon as you choose the bag that best fits your taste, and then let the scooping begin! We have so many bag options, including:

  • Prospector’s bag – includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and a keepers bag.
  • Paydirt bag – includes a 3 lb gemstone bag with a postcard and a keepers bag.
  • Fossil find bag – includes a 3 lb fossil bag with a postcard and a keepers bag.
  • Arrowhead bag – includes a 3 lb arrowhead bag with seven arrowheads and a keepers bag.
  • The Motherlode – Includes a 10 lb mining bag with gemstones, fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads, and a large Amethyst Druze specimen.
  • The Megastrike – Includes 20 lb mining bag.

All of these bags are available for you to purchase and begin your hunt. Each bag is created for a specific treasure hunt, giving everyone a variety of options.

Kids love digging up different items and running to show their parents. These moments are precious and are sure to last a lifetime. We are sure that you will find many various treasures, the Golf N’ Gator Mining experience never ceases to upset anyone.

Family Fun Experience

Besides golfing with the family, children and parents can enjoy the adventures available at the Golf N’ Gator Mining Company. The treasure itself is a joyous activity you cannot pass upon. The thrill on children’s faces when they discover different treasures is priceless! They feel like true explorers and will find all of their findings incredible.

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you discover and present the world of geology as they find fossils, gemstones, and more. Florida is known for family-friendly entertainment, and Golf N’ Gator offers the diversity you need to make your trip a memorable one.

Welcome to The World of Gemstones

Gemstones are fascinating, and children tend to think so too. While spending your time at the mining factory, you and your family will be able to learn more about natural crystals and the science of geology. It will be an experience filled with astonishing facts to discover while uncovering beautiful rock specimens.

Golf N Gator mines are set up with signs containing detailed descriptions of your children’s findings. If you want to take your findings home, we offer gemstones and mineral purchases.

Are your kids always digging up things in the dirt or picking up whatever they find on the floor? Visit Golf N Gator for the best mining experience.

Everyone Can Mine!

Kids are not the only ones who can get their hands dirty and get away with it. Adults can too! Bring back childhood memories and share the experience with your children!

Grandma and grandpa will also be sure to enjoy this activity with their grandkids as the kids excitedly strive to show off their skills. Mining is genuinely an activity that anyone can do.

Are you going out on your first date but want to try something other than ordinary? Break the ice and try something different by visiting Golf N Gator Mining Company!

Mining is for everyone; there are no age restrictions. Just pull your sleeves up and get ready to dig!

First Time Mining

For all of the first-time miners, don’t worry! Our staff will be there to assist you every step of the way. Golf N Gator’s team will be able to take you through the process and explain what exactly it is that you are going to do.

There is no particular skill needed, and this is an activity that many people come to for the first time. Learning something new is fun, especially when you get to share this experience with the people you love.

Mining is a fun, exciting activity that consists of everyone digging to see who can find the most significant number of treasures. Just come out to our park, and we will take care of the rest!

Book Your Events

Is it your child’s birthday soon, and you are wondering where you should have it? Look no further than Golf N Gator! We have many attractions to enjoy, from golfing, hanging out with the gators, and taking an exclusive treasure hunt.

Whether it is a birthday, family gathering, a first date, or even a company event, Golf N Gator will be a fun time. During your party you will be able to:

  • Feed an alligator
  • Watch a reptile show
  • Golf 18 Holes
  • Meet amazing animals
  • Meet the celebrity gator at Golf N Gator
  • Or have a treasure hunt for you and your friends!

Whatever event you have, we will be sure to make it a time to remember. Call us at (321) 799-4545 and discuss details with our staff. We will help you decide the best time and what activities you are planning to do. We will take care of all of your planning from the beginning until the end.

If you have any further questions or concerns about booking an event, please visit our parties page to learn more! Our team will be more than happy to help you set this up.

Let the Adventures Begin!

Gemstones and minerals are not only found in the mountains; they can be found almost anywhere. Florida, the sunshine state, is a great place to experience your first mining adventure.

Golf N Gator gives everyone the opportunity for families and loved ones to get together for various activities. Everyone can enjoy golfing together, move on to relaxing and visiting the alligators, visiting our cave, and continuing to a treasure hunt!

There is so much to do that you will always want to come back to visit. Tourists from all over visit Florida for the great weather and should also visit our park to experience Florida’s Gators on a deeper level!

There is nothing better than the sunshine state. Come on out and visit us to create unforgettable memories!

The Best Customer Service

Customer service is Golf N Gator’s top priority! Our staff is dedicated to showing you around. Rest assured, our team will be helping you with all of your needs while you are visiting.

It is vital that you enjoy the outdoor experience we offer and have a memorable family outing. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you may have about stones, mining, golfing, the alligators, and more!

Before you leave, do not forget that you’re able to purchase your gemstone and mineral findings to keep as a souvenir! Connect with us today via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with our latest updates. Contact us today to book your next visit at Golf N Gator or call us at (321) 799-4545.

Fossils, stones, gems, and more!

Find Your Treasures with Us!

Golf N Gator

Where can you find mini golf, gators, gem mining, and more all in one place? Feed an alligator, watch a reptile show, golf 18 holes, and meet our friendly celebrity gator all at Golf N Gator! We’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable day with friends and family.

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